The ETABETA Product

Features of use and warranties


ETA BETA S.p.A. has been certified since 1998 by the Certification Body TÜV Austria in compliance with the standard EN ISO 9001: 2008.

Production process

  • ETA BETA's wheels are designed, manufactured and tested according to the international E.T.R.T.O. standards and the rigid TÜV and KBA regulations.
  • The casting of the wheels is carried out with the gravity casting process by using a special aluminium alloy with chemical-physical-mechanical features suitable for the final use of the product.
  • The mechanical working is carried out on working centres equipped with CNC and CAD CAM.
  • he wheels are painted with high quality products; this allows our wheels to pass the TÜV tests.

Quality control

ETA BETA carries out systematic quality controls on its products: chemical tests, X-ray checks, dimensional checks, tubeless seal checks, rotating bending tests, balancing tests and cass-tests.
The wheels undergo the following tests in external TÜV laboratories: rolling bending tests, impact tests, salt fog tests and cass-tests.


Each ETA BETA model is tested to resist in condition of proper use to a safety load higher than that required by the normal application of the same wheel and for the tyre with the maximum rolling circumference.
To avoid fitting wheels with applications not suitable for the car, please consult the homologation documents, the resellers' and end-users' notice contained in the boxes, the application tables, as well as contact the Technical Department of ETA BETA.

NEVER USE alloy wheels with cars with a wheel static load higher than the limit of the same alloy wheel to be fitted.


  • Make sure that packaging is not damaged and the wheel is in perfect conditions
  • Position the wheel onto the hub of the car by means of the special accessories supplied; let the wheel turn by hand and check out for possible interference's or hindrances (it may happen that same cars have different components)
  • Exclusively fit tyres specified in the vehicle registration certificate or in the homologation documents, if any.
  • To fit the tyre use suitable machines that do not modify the wheel structure (deformation, bending or other)
  • For wheel balancing use weights of the adhesive type (so as to avoid superficial damages)
  • Unless otherwise specified, to fit the wheel onto the car use exclusively the fixing accessories supplied together with the wheel
  • Unless otherwise specified in the homologation, the screws-nuts torque must be 100-110 Nm

WARNING: after the first 500 km check if the wheels are perfectly tightened.


Regularly clean the wheels with water and car shampoo. Do not use products containing acid substances or brushes, as these might scratch the wheel surface.
Avoid laying the wheels with their front parts facing the ground so as not to damage their designs

Guarantee and sales conditions

In case of non-obvious faults, or at the fitting of the tyre;
Paint Silver or Black: 24 months
Paint Chrome-look, Bright Silver and Polished finish: 12 mesi
We advise you to check the perfect condition of the wheel before fitting the tyre.
ETA BETA reserves the right to deny the replacement of wheels with wear signs due to assembling operations..

The guarantee terms are no longer valid whenever:
  • the wheels are used improperly (races, rallies, etc.)
  • the wheels have not been assembled correctly
  • the wheels have undergone any modification (machining, drilling, re-painting, etc.)
  • the wheels have been cleaned with unsuitable cleansing substances with acid formula
  • the wheels have been fitted with snow chains with loose components (small chains, hooks, etc)
  • the wheels have been damaged due to pebbles or accidental bumps.

The guarantee is valid starting from either the date specified in the vehicle registration certificate (if the wheels have been homologated) or from the invoicing by Eta Beta.
The goods supplied by ETA BETA remain property of ETA BETA until the buyer has fulfilled all his obligations deriving from the mutual commercial conditions.
Should the buyer not meet his payment obligations, we are authorised to recover the supplied goods at any time, also against the buyer's will.
The law courts of Brescia are competent for any controversy.


Complaints must be addressed directly to the Sales Department of ETA BETA in the form of a detailed written report explaining the problems
ETA BETA will exclusively accept the complaints complying with the above-mentioned guarantee terms.

Useful instructions

The original spanner may be unsuitable to disassemble the alloy wheels because of a different size; therefore we advise that you should always keep in your car one spanner suitable for the alloy wheels, as well as the original screws and nuts, that are absolutely necessary when replacing an alloy wheel with the original spare one.
If the dimensions of the alloy wheels are different to the dimensions of the original ones, it may result impossible to fit the snow chains because of dimensional hindrances; therefore we advise you to try and fit the snow chains onto the alloy wheels before setting out on a journey with snow risks.